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ETS 2 – KAMAZ 54 – 64 – 65 1.45

ETS 2 – KAMAZ 54 – 64 – 65 1.45
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Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought at dealers of KamAZ and VOLVO modifications.
KamAZ 6460 has 4 chassis and one cab.
KamAZ 65221 has 4 chassis and one cab.
Your own salon.
3 wiper modes.
Huge and rich tuning.
There are coiled cables with advanced physics.
There is an animation of cables for trailers and BDF.
There is no window animation.
No steering wheel support.
No advanced hitch with standard SCS trailers.
Separately mod pack trailers – NEFAZ.
Separate pack of skins for the cab.
There is a separate BDF dummy for single cargo transportation.
Separately mega-pack of skins, military and rusty from MaxX_AGENT. (Updated 07/29/22)

Tested on a clean profile – errors are excluded.
Converted all 3D truck models and animations.
Found and fixed errors in “TOBJ” files. (when converting)
Added support for multiplayer with CONVOY mode.
Added high-quality sounds of KamAZ engines – 2 types.
Added high-quality sound of the YaMZ-238 engine.
Fixed GPS navigation.
The work of the on-board computer has been fixed.
The arrows on the dashboard speedometers are now bright orange.
Improved truck lighting at near and far distances.
Fixed bugs in desktop and dealers.
Improved truck braking system.
Improved handling – it’s power steering and suspension.
Curtains and a walkie-talkie were cut out, which did not work well and planted a lot of FPS.
Moved the clock closer to the steering wheel for a better view.
The 3D model has been cosmetically cleaned.
The log in the game is 100% clean (percent).
Last test on ETS2:
Enjoy the game and have a good trip!!!

Adapted by: MaxX_AGENT.
The author of the conversion of the entire 3D Model and animation: MaxX_AGENT.
The author of the conversion of all trailers and NEFAZ: MaxX_AGENT.
Author of army and rusty skins: MaxX_AGENT.
Collaboration: AJIEHA

DOWNLOAD KamAZ_54-64-65_ETS2_v1.45.x_Trailers.rar – 702.0 MB

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